At the new year the Vyozhan priests named this year The Year of Awakenings. A number of prophesies were pointed to as the foretellings of the awakening in question. Seemingly, none of these prophesies came true. Instead, The Walking War (Belgo Uleta) awoke from its slumber. Upon its emergence it was clear that its cultists had been breeding and preparing for this day. Over the course of months four small cities were razed before The Walking War turned towards Cëmura Anát. The capital recalled a large number of its forces to help defend the city from what seems to be a likely defeat. The civilizations that made up the union have been left on their own to defend against incursions from neighboring enemy forces.  
The PC’s party leader has been given information on a weapon that could help against the attack. The leader believes a puzzle box that is up for auction in the next month will be instrumental in the acquisition of this weapon. 

Dark Weave